Guidelines For Parents & Teachers

Be firm with me. It makes me feel secure.

Don't nag, if you do, i shall protect myself by avoiding you.

Correct me in private and not in public. I will appreciate it.

Don't protect me from consequences i need to learn the painful way, sometimes.

Love me don't spoil me, as i know that i ought not to have all ask for.

Help me not to form bad habits, for i depend on you to detect them in early stages.

Be patient with me, i know i am not perfect

Encourage & appreciate my good points.

Help me to choose healthy food. I need energy to grow.

My teachers need your co-operation give it to them and see how i excel.

Don't compare your child to others. Values them each for their own gifts.

You'll never be an " Absolutely Perfect Parent ". Be a " Good Enough Parent ".

When you talk to your child, mostly listen.

Be your child's biggest fan.

Be flexible with rules.

Tell your child, My life is so much better because you are here.

The greatest gift you have to give your children is you.

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