Unique Features & Facilities

I wish to utilize this oppurtunity to reach esteemed parents & address to all who are stifling the growth of their child. they wish to sanitise the childhood & make the kids live lives bump free.

Visual learning i.e stress free.

Every child is special for us & utmost care is taken to groom their tender minds & nurture their childhood successfully.

Our mission is to provide ideal learning & growing atmosphere.

Well efficient, hard core, passinate and fully committed teachers to provide excellence to the children in a conceptual method of teaching.

Line observer, visualising & putting thoughts to action giving shape to the ideas of the child.


Loving and caring teachers.

Audio / Video rooms.

Edurit smart class.

Computer facility.

Large boards in all classrooms.

Changs in classrooms according to the change in the activities.

L.C.D projector with big screen for audio / video display for overall development.

Touch screen used to enhance the child's joy and interest in learning.

Lots of Play ground equipements.

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